Ros Gervay Creative Art Kit The Mini Artiste Club: Eco Wall Hanging Kit
Ros Gervay Creative

The Mini Artiste Club: Eco Wall Hanging Kit

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It is a mission The Mini Artiste Club to cover the whole range of art forms and so, with this kit, your child will have the opportunity to explore sculpture and found object art!

The Mini Artiste Club Eco Wall Hanging Kit invites your child to create a beautiful nature-inspired wall hanging using a collection of items which are all included in this kit.

Say yes to trying something new... and creating something entirely individual!

This kit includes:

- 3 small branches

- woolen yarn

- small pine cones

- coloured pliable wire

- 3 x tubs of washable paint 

- a collection of leaves

- a collection of feathers

- printed art prompt with bonus activity ideas

* This kit does not come with a video tutorial

* Images are indivative only

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