Mini Artiste Kit #3 - Fabric Painting
Mini Artiste Kit #3 - Fabric Painting
Ros Gervay Creative

Mini Artiste Kit #3 - Fabric Painting

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This Mini Artiste Kit has a fabric painting focus. Best suited to children aged 3-7 years old, the kit comes with an art prompt to provide instructions for your little one's creative project plus 5 bonus art activity ideas.

Your child can use the printing foam, roller and fabric paint to print on their very own re-useable tote bag. Great for grocery shopping, carrying library books or even as a creative, functional and eco gift for someone you love and adore. The kit comes complete with a paint pen, stencil and 3D paint too... lending itself to yet another open-ended, child-led project where your little person is the creative genius!

Please be sure to wear gloves and an art smock when using the fabric paint.

"So much fun!" - Anna, Sydney Australia

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Included in this kit:

- 1 cotton tote bag

- 3 pieces of printing foam

- 1 paint pen (miscellaneous colour)

- foam roller

- blue Derivan Matisse fabric paint

- light blue Micador 3D paint

- re-useable stencil (miscellanous design)

- printed art prompt

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