Mini Artiste Kit: Gratitude Jar
Mini Artiste Kit: Gratitude Jar
Mini Artiste Kit: Gratitude Jar
Ros Gervay Creative

Mini Artiste Kit: Gratitude Jar

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"My daughter is 5 and we do gratitude every morning on post-it notes so a proper jar would be amazing. Great idea!!"
- Beth, Australia

The Mini Artiste Kit - Gratitude Jar is all about gratitude! Best suited to children aged 4-12 years old, the kit comes with an art prompt to provide instructions for the kit's main creative project plus 4 or more bonus art activity ideas.

Gratitude is such an important practice for both children and adults. With this kit, your child will carefully paint their own watercolour label for their gratitude jar and try out some hand lettering. Soon, with a little guidance, they will be practicing thankfulness like a pro and - who knows! - it may become an embedded way of life for your family. 

“My day begins and ends with gratitude.”- Author Louise Hay

!!!NEW FEATURE!!! The video tutorial associated is now included with this kit!

Included in this kit:

- round glass jar with gold lid

- 2 pieces of A5 180gsm watercolour paper

- Micador artists' watercolour palette

- fine round watercolour paintbrush

- double-sided tape

- A6 eco paper pad

- hand lettering guide

- set of 12 faber-castell markers

- feather

- string

- printed art prompt

- QR code to access the video tutorial

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