Ros Gervay Creative Original artwork 23.3cmW x 23.3cmH x 5.8cmD / Original Artwork / Framed in Oak Float Frame "Flowing In" Original
Ros Gervay Creative

"Flowing In" Original

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"Flowing In"

23.3cm x 23.3cm

Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas

I grew up in Sydney and the ocean was a big part of my childhood. We'd often have fish and chips for dinner at Bondi Beach during the Summer, sitting up on the grassy hill, looking down towards the powerful water doing it's thing. "Flowing In" is an ode to those beautiful, dominating waves and the beauty that they embody.

THE FINISH: UV resistant satin varnish. Framed in Tasmanian oak float frame, ready to hang or display standing.