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You are personally invited to join The Mini Artiste Club. Get your spot ASAP so you don't miss out on the next delivery!


Searching for an easy and convenient way to nurture your child's creativity? I am here to help you.

The Mini Artiste Club is your ticket to a happy and inspired little person... and content parents too!

Not just the average art subscription box for Aussie kids aged 4-12 years old, each box is lovingly and thoughtfully designed by little old me - ex-teacher turned career artist and mum of two beautiful girls... which means that each box (delivered to you monthly) is:

* artist-approved

* creativity-focused

* pedagogically sound

* age appropriate

* easy to follow


Here is what you can expect in a typical Mini Artiste Club box...

  • Fun children's art supplies delivered monthly
  • Open-ended art prompts (pdf) for each month's art project
  • Bonus Activity Ideas each month
  • Video tutorials to guide your child through the activity
  • A VIP invitation to the members-only Mini Artiste Facebook community
  • FREE shipping within Australia


The Mini Artiste Club also comes with these BONUSES...

  • Ongoing deals and discounts in-store at
  • Members price on additional Mini Artiste Kits for those in-between weeks or when buying as a gift



Here is what my beautiful members are saying so far... 


"We love the kits! It’s so lovely to be able to put aside time for quality time with our daughter!" - Founding Member, Forestville


"I am loving this space already!" - Founding Member, Lane Cove


"Ros has a love for art and helping children to express themselves creatively so her beautiful art kits come as no surprise! They are a perfect mesh of her passions in life and are incredible!” - Fellow Educator, Camden


"I love that you have included lots of activities! You are a legend!" - Founding Member, Bulimba


The box pictured is the May edition which was watercolour-themed complete with premium supplies and an open-ended re-useable art prompt.


The Mini Artiste Club gives you and your child some hidden bonuses too:

  • a way to connect with your child through art, creativity, expression and a sense of productivity and individuality
  • a way to keep your little one not only busy but deeply engaged and happy
  • something new and exciting to inspire the imagination each month
  • open-ended art activity ideas that are guaranteed to be easy to implement
  • convenience through thoughtfully hand-selected art supplies delivered straight to your door
  • access to a beautiful community of like-minded parents


Choose one of these fab plans! Each plan has you set up with a monthly delivery and all the perks mentioned above.

  1. The month-by-month plan for $58/month. This plan gives you the option to cancel at any time in-between monthly payments.
  2. The quarterly plan for $48/month (this is a saving of $10/month). You still pay by the month, but are locked into 3 months at a time. This plan gives you the option to cancel at any time in-between quarters.
  3. or... you might choose to save big by choosing the annual plan for $456/year (that's $38/month and a saving of $168/year). With this plan, you still pay by the month, but are locked in for the year and can cancel anytime in-between years.

 All plans are auto-renew and can easily be cancelled according to the descriptions above by emailing me with a smile.

There are only LIMITED spaces left in The Mini Artiste Club this month as the supplies have already been ordered.

Hop on in ASAP so you don't miss out!

When you click SIGN UP, a real person (aka me!) does a happy dance... Learn more about me here.


Here are some of my frequently asked questions:

Is my child too young / old? The exclusive Mini Artiste Club is designed for 4-12 year olds, however, could suit slightly younger or older children too, depending on their nature and interests.

Will there be paint mess involved? Each month's kit features a different area of the visual arts. One month may be watercolour paints and the next month may be air-drying clay. I love to answer questions on mess management through the beautiful and exclusive Facebook community.

Do I have to supervise the whole time? The idea is to start the activity with your child and then let them run with it themselves, however, supervision is recommended for safety reasons.

Do you make kits for 2 or more children? Not at this stage. I recommend you start with one kit and see how you go. If you need more kits, please reach out and I will see what I can do for you.

Are the Mini Artiste kits just for girls? The kits are for both girls and boys.

Can I get a trial box before I commit to an annual plan? Yes, of course! I completely understand that sometimes it is good to try something out before making a commitment. You can buy an individual box from my online store. The individual boxes do not include video tutorials or any extra bonuses.

What if my child doesn't like the box? Each box is different and designed to engage. If your child does not enjoy one box, you can rest assured that the next box will have a completely different theme! I would suggest trying the next box out before cancelling. You can then decide to continue your membership as usual (with the option of giving the boxes as gifts) or you could cancel your membership altogether.

Can I cancel? Yes of course! If you are on the month-by-month plan, you can cancel before the next month. If you are on the quarterly plan, you can cancel before the following quarter. And if you are on the annual plan, you can cancel before the next year. To cancel, just shoot me an email.

Do I have to be an arty parent? Not at all! The art prompts are very easy to follow and I provide a video tutorial each month for your child to follow along to AND... who knows... you might even be inspired to get arty yourself!


If you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you! Email me at I'm friendly, I promise.


Otherwise, scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your details - I can't wait to welcome you and your child on board!