I liked an artwork that was online but it has disappeared or sold out. Do you have another one the same that I can buy?
I only create single one-off original artworks. I do however sell excellent quality limited edition prints of most of my artworks. Please view my range of prints. If my limited editions have sold out, they may be available in a different size. Send me an email!

A few months ago I found an artwork I liked on instagram, do you have any left?
No, my turnover is very fast due to creating such a limited range! If you fall in love with an artwork it’s best to jump on it straight away!

Do you offer express shipping?
Yes, I do! The option is available at checkout.

I don't live in Australia. Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, I do! You can go ahead with your order and the item will be shipped to your door.

Can I visit your studio?
Not yet, sorry!

Can my gallery or store become a stockist of your products?
Thanks for asking! I am selective with stockists but would love to have some information and especially photos of your boutique or gallery shop. Please email me with details and photos at info@rosgervaycreative.com for my consideration.