Hi, I'm Ros. It's lovely to meet you!

I am an Australian abstract artist based in Sydney with a passion for all things art, colour, creativity and design. Incredibly grateful to live in in Sydney, I am in constant appreciation of our natural world and strive to express this gratitude through my art practice.

I have always been interested in creativity and art from a very young age. I happily remember the days of clag glue, finger paint, paper mache and plaster master. I studied visual arts at school as well as textile design and design & technology. At a tertiary level, I explored design and art at a deeper level... and here I am today... still loving creativity and expression with the aim of forming beauty with my hands. Being in the soul-enriching space of art and creativity allows me to feel at peace with the world.

My passion for art and the importance I see in creativity is no longer something I can keep to myself! I now offer an online watercolour course entitled "Permission To Paint" for creative women who want to explore art agani and welcome it back into their lives. To help others to reap the benefits of creativity and art is a hugely rewarding mission and I am so grateful to have the platform to be able to do that.

Here on my website, I also share with you my recent paintings, all of which I have been lovingly created using professional-grade materials - typically either acrylic paint on stretched canvas or watercolour paint on 100% cotton paper. My artworks are original, contemporary, modern and mostly colourful and energetic. My artworks inject colour and vibrancy into the homes of my collectors in Australia and across the seas.

Thank you for dropping by and thanks for the chats! Sign up to my newsletter, follow me on Instagram, find me on Facebook, send me an email... it's so great to see you here!