Mini Artiste Kit #1 - Watercolour Painting
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Mini Artiste Kit #1 - Watercolour Painting

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This Mini Artiste Kit has a watercolour focus. Best suited to children aged 3-7 years old, the kit comes with an art prompt to provide instructions for your little one's creative project plus 5 bonus art activity ideas.

This kit's watercolour palette is made by Faber-Castell - the best on the market! Watercolour is a beautiful, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly art medium and lends itself to calming art activities for both children and adults. With this kit your child can make five A5 masterpieces and I can almost guarantee that after these five, they'll be wanting more and more!

You may well becoming intrigued yourself and want try your own hand at painting with watercolours! If you do, drop me a line at - I love chatting about all things art.

"I love that you have included lots of activities in this kit! You are a legend!" - Amy, Brisbane Australia

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Included in this kit:

- 5 pieces of A5 300gsm watercolour paper

- Faber-Castell (premium quality) watercolour palette

- round paintbrush

- flat paintbrush

- 3 rolls of washi tape (thick & thin)

- printed art prompt

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