Donate a Mini Artiste Kit
Donate a Mini Artiste Kit
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Donate a Mini Artiste Kit

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Bring a smile to a child in need and relief to a family under stress.

When you purchase a Mini Artiste Donation Kit to donate to a family in need, a box of children's art supplies will be sent directly to RizeUp Australia for distribution to Australian children affected by domestic or family violence.

The Mini Artiste Donation Kit brings these vulnerable children a means to immerse themselves in art-making, to express themselves and to connect with their family members through an enriching shared activity.

A sample kit description:

The contents of each kit varies from month to month. Each box includes all items required for that month's art project and includes a printed art prompt which provides ideas for what could be created from the kit's contents.

Buy a kit today. Bring a smile to a child in need.

To donate to RizeUp Australia:


For further information about RizeUp Australia: