Q&A with artist Nikki Holmes

artist Q&A

This week, I chat with the lovely Nikki Holmes! Known for her cheerful work, Nikki shares her experience of coming into the art work from another creative industry. Read on to learn more... and subscribe to my mailing list to be alerted when the next blog posts drops.
1. Hey hey Nikki! Thanks for letting me quiz you. I just know my readers will love what you have to say. Can you tell my readers a little about you and your journey as an artist?
Basically I’ve been obsessed with colour all my life from working in the fashion / hair / makeup industry for the last 23 years. I started sketching some years back but didn't have the courage to go any further with exploring paint and canvas. It wasn’t until my 3rd pregnancy that I started to feel relaxed with who I was and started experimenting my colour fascination on canvas with the help of social media. It pretty much jumped started my new career journey. The more my name became known, the more my art became brighter and happier. 
2. I adore the colours you use in your art - the vibrancy is just perfection! How do you go about choosing your colour scheme for any one work?
Choosing my colour palette comes easily to me. Being a hairdresser / colourist and knowing the colour wheel back to front allows me to pretty much go with my head and what I visualise in my creative mind. 
3. Let's talk commissions! What has been the best commission project you've had?
I love commissions. It actually gives me a buzz when you present a work to someone and they are just overwhelmed. Knowing they love it makes me love it even more. My best commission would be the one I did for a old school friend. She loved palm trees and coffee. So basically I recreated a beach scene series. 
Palms and lots of colour. She was speechless and she pretty much got me to do another for her birthday. The moment was captured on video so seeing her face when she saw the first one touched me a lot and made me super proud knowing I did that. 
4. Your subject matter varies a little but your style and approach to colour remains consistent. What mediums and subject matter have you experimented with and what do you love to work with the most?
I love working mainly with acrylics. I find they work well with my style and I love to layer. I love using old canvas and recreating on them. The texture compliments my style. My series of summer beach scenes are the most popular. I tend to use acrylic crayon and water. The dripping effect helps me set the scenes. My imagination tends to go off tap when I’m doing these larger pieces. 
5. How can my readers find out more about you or ask for a commission?
Readers can find me on Instagram and I've just uploaded a webpage. I’m currently in the process of developing new work as I was sold out after Christmas and Black Friday. Again Instagram is a great way of pushing your work out to so many. The overseas sales last year, especially during covid were crazy. I’m super excited to see what this year has in stall.
To learn more about Nikki, you can check her out on: Instagram and her website.
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