How to Balance Minimalism with Creativity

Marie Kondo is all the rage. Her decluttering technique is famous worldwide and for very good reason. It's a solution to the ever-growing materialism that is taking over western society, that is polluting our planet and distracting us from what really matters.
Although I read her book a few years back, I must admit that I am no expert in her tidying model. As an artist with a minimalist bent though, I am regularly faced with the challenge of balancing the desire to declutter with the desire to create.
Creating art, on one hand, feels like the opposite of decluttering. It is the creation of more and more items to fill our homes and our offices. Yet, as a creative person... my need to create is real. And I know I am not alone.
So, how does an artist balance their need to create with their interest in minimalism?
Depending on the medium, style and the way the artist likes to work, they can create some serious volumes of artworks over the years. But what do they do with the works...  the ones that don't sell? How do they manage the books and books of sketches? How do they justify their constant creation?
Thankfully I have found a helpful way of looking at my art practice:
1. I will NOT let my decluttering needs hold me back from creativity just as I won't let my wall space dictate my art-making. My creative needs are more important than my minimalist hopes.
2. I decided a long while back to minimise the clutter by making my art available to the public.
3. I will integrate a touch of sketchbook work and work on paper for efficiency of storage but only when appropriate.
4. If artworks don't sell, and I am no longer feeling the vibes for that particular work, I will paint over it to save the clutter (and the earth's resources) and create a brand new piece of art.
If these tips were helpful for you in your own practice, drop a comment below! I love to know if you're reading!
You can get my free watercolour video tutorial here
With love and gratitude,

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