Clear the diary and lock in some 'me' time to discover the top three secrets to creating watercolour art with joy and ease!


Meet Ros

I'm a heart and soul contemporary artist, with an innate love of all things art and creativity. My passion extends beyond my own art practice, as I strive to help you bring more art and creativity into your life. Through my creations, I set out to brighten your home and help you to create the sanctuary that you had always dreamt of - a home to make memories in, a home full of joy and a home that is both warm and uplifting. You can discover more about me here.

With love,



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What People Are Saying:

"Ros is a contemporary botanical artist with an infectious love of sharing her joy in art. From her beautiful 'Mini Artiste' art making kits, through her beautiful 'Art for the Heart' blog (which I was delighted to be featured on), to her online watercolour class, Ros shares not only her beautiful art, but her deep love of the creative process. Have fun discovering all that she has to offer!"

-  Susan Nethercote, Artist

“I can highly recommend taking a painting class with Ros Gervay. Ros has such a kind and caring approach to teaching. She explains techniques in detail and walks you through skills step by step. I thoroughly enjoyed sinking deep into the lesson and shutting off the outside world.”

- Amy Hamlyn, Artist

"It was a pleasure to be asked to be a part of Ros' online blog series for interviewing fellow artists. Ros is such a kind hearted soul and a dedicated and nurturing artist and teacher. Her gorgeous artworks are a beautiful, colourful celebration of nature."❤️

- Amber Gittins, Artist